Posted On: December 10, 2012 by Watts & Herring, LLC

Alabama Car Wreck: What is Medical Payment (MedPay)?

If you have been in a wreck in Alabama, you should have "Medical Payment" (Medpay) insurance with State Farm or Allstate or whoever you have your policy with. This is a very valuable but often unknown benefit that you have been paying for and that you are entitled to use.

Normally this benefit is available in $5,000 or $25,000 amounts -- you can read your policy or call your agent to find out the exact amount you have.

This covers medical bills when you have been in a wreck -- regardless of who is at fault. You simply show you were in a wreck and have medical bills that are related to the wreck.

In handling Alabama car wreck cases for over 17 years, I don't recall one time having to fight with an insurance company over medical payments.

So if you have been in a wreck, keep up with all of your out of pocket expenses. Mileage to doctors. Pharmacy bills -- get a printout from your pharmacist. Copays. Deductibles. Physical therapy bills. Etc.

Send them into the adjuster of your insurance company and let him or her know you are making a claim for your med pay.

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