Posted On: August 19, 2012 by Watts & Herring, LLC

Interesting Story On Progressive's Handling Of UIM Claim

In most states if an uninsured, or underinsured, driver causes harm or death, the victim can sue his or her own insurance company to recover damages under "uninsured" or "underinsured" motorist benefits.

In essence, your insurance company steps into the shoes of the negligent driver. There is nothing wrong with this as you have paid premiums for just this event -- the same as you pay homeowner's insurance in the event of a fire, etc.

In an interesting case that has caused quite a stir in the media and social networks, Progressive has finally agreed to pay benefits to the family of a woman killed by a driver who ran a red light. Do keep in mind the laws in the state in this story are different than in Alabama but we think the story will still be helpful to you.