Posted On: January 30, 2011 by Watts & Herring, LLC

Study Shows Alabama Drivers At Higher Risk For Fatal DUI And Speeding Crashes

The Alabama Injury Lawyer Blog has posted an article that discusses a recent traffic study.

In this study, Alabama ranked as the #1 state in traffic fatalities involving speeding and is #9 for alcohol related traffic fatalities. This means that Alabama has roughly 0.75 speeding related fatalities per every million vehicles miles traveled. The national average is 0.39 crashes per million vehicle miles.

There were 0.53 DUI-related fatal crashes in Alabama per million vehicle miles traveled. This is lower than the number speeding-related fatalities yet still above the national average of 0.40 alcohol-related traffic fatalities per million vehicle miles.

Recovering from a car accident can be very costly- both financially and physically. This study should serve as a reminder that it never hurts to be extra careful on the road.