Posted On: December 4, 2010 by Watts & Herring, LLC

"US Chamber of Commerce Loves Lawsuits! (Except, of course…)"

The New York Personal Injury Law Blog has posted an article that discusses how the US Chamber of Commerce is planning to spend $10 million for advertising in the upcoming election to ensure tort "reformers" get elected. The only expenditure larger than this one is from the Democratic and Republican parties.

The article cites an ABC news story that says:

As the chamber increased its efforts in this year’s midterm elections, chamber CEO and President Thomas Donohue on Thursday issued a tough denunciation of government regulations, threatening to use the courts to block new rules that affect business and setting the chamber up as a major adversary of the Obama administration.

“Litigation is one of our most powerful tools for making sure that federal agencies follow the law and are held accountable,” he said in prepared remarks to the Des Moines Rotary Club. “Today, we are issuing a clarion call for Americans and lawmakers to stop the encroachment of a government by the regulators before it’s too late.”

Interestingly, the first line of the second paragraph actually admits that litigation is the most powerful "tool" that corporations use to hold people accountable. However, the same isn't true when it's a consumer trying to hold the corporation accountable.